Naughty chat lines and trials

Pretty much anyone can get online and say whatever they like without anyone needing to know who they really are, with the anonymous safety of the Internet presenting a far lower barrier to entry than real life.

Because of this, the web is replete with cranks and fantasists, not to mention trolls who delight in stirring trouble.

Even on mainstream sites, it often requires a degree of lurking in order to recognise the resident cranks and trolls for what they are, rather than accepting everything they say at face value.

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There are forums for sissy maids and chat rooms for sissy babies, blogs about sissies and sites with titillating sissy stories and pictures, to name but a few.

Some are dedicated to particular aspects of being a sissy, whereas others are more general, perhaps including submission and crossdressing among many other fetishes.

Like losing yourself in a thrilling action movie, there's nothing wrong with having fantasies so long as you don't take them too seriously.

You don't have to become a superhero or a secret agent in order to enjoy their fictional escapades on the big screen - indeed, there would be something very wrong if you came out of the theatre with the belief that you could dodge bullets, let alone fly.

Although it may be impossible to trust anything you find online absolutely, let alone take it as a prescription for how you should live your own life, it's nevertheless possible to use even the most ridiculous of fantasies to sound out your own desires.

If one of the unlikely scenarios we painted a moment ago caused you to stir in your panties, give it some thought and see if you can figure out what appealed in particular.In the safe world of fantasy, they're free to indulge desires that would be too risky or have too many consequences in the responsibility laden reality of a world with domestic and marital commitments, sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies.All that's before we introduce fetishes to the mix.Wanting to be cuckolded or forced into homosexual activity because that's what others do online, the opportunity for a mutually rewarding arrangement is lost - or worse, the would-be cuckold discovers that satisfying men really isn't all it's cracked up to be.Are there cuckolds who are kept in chastity and expected to serve as sissy maids all day, every day - like it or not?The people who frequent any forum, chat room or blog are self-selecting - those who find the atmosphere to their taste stick around, whereas those who don't move on in search of a more agreeable community.

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