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I reach down and press David's head into my pussy feeling his tongue slip inside of me. He wiggled and twirled his tongue while sliding it in my pussy sending waves of pink velvety imagery through my mind.

I was so overcome by the pleasure that i didn't get to warn him of my climax. " I screamed as I squirted my sweet nectar all over David's face.

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I rub the candy cane slowly up and down my moist brown lips. "Go get your man girl," I say to myself and place the candy cane between my bountiful cleavage. Nunez was all in the lounge watching "it's a wonderful life." I was going to just sit next to him and watch but then I noticed he was crying. This is a family movie and his family couldn't be here to spend the holiday with him. I moan into his mouth over and over as he squeezes my tits hard.

But first he can have a little snack." carefully I unwrap a candy cane and lower it down to my fresh clean pussy. Nunez this candy cane and watching him notice a different taste than usual makes me slick with juices. It's too small and thin to bring me any real pleasure so I start rubbing my hot little clit. Nunez letting me sit my big round ass down on his lap as he sucked and nibbled on of my big brown nipples. I slowly roll on some sheer red thigh high stockings and finish the look off with black knee high boots and a Santa hat. I went to the nurses' station where the pay phones are and punched in the number to one and called it while I hid behind the desk. David pins me to the couch and kisses me deeper and with building passion.

I never thought I'd get something so soon after graduation or so good. I clock in about two hours before the residents turn down for the night. They just know how to treat a woman and were so charming. We played cards and listened to music and watched old movies together. His friends Tony and Fred would visit often though. I didn't even realize at the time he pocketed them but I was hoping he would want to keep them anyway. He moved closer to my aching wetness ever so slowly, teasing me.

I love handing out snacks and talking to them during snack time. Nothing like the Neanderthals produced by my generation. Nunez was a heavy set gentleman with a grey beard and peach fuzz on his head that he always kept neat and trim. They would spend most of the visit talking about old times and old flames. For some reason I didn't want him to know I liked anyone. He licked slowly up my thigh moistening my stockings. They usually just focus on the clit but David really wants to taste me and he seems to be relishing in my flavor.

You warm my heart baby." he seemed so touched I thought he might cry again. Nunez I'm not with family this year." now I wanted to build up to the surprise and make a grand entrance. I was just trying to be respectful." "Not David sweetie, Dave. " now I was being a naughty girl and speaking in a low sultry voice. " David had given me the recipe last new years and I was in love with the drink ever since. You being here is enough." We walk arm in arm to the lounge which is lit only by the red and green lights of the Christmas tree, the TV screen and the fake fire place. He lowers one hand and cups my breast learning I'm not wearing a bra but also curious what I have on my nipples.

Taking a break from time with your family to call me? "How about I call you Santa instead and you let me sit on your lap and I'll tell you what I want for Christmas? "It looks really romantic in here." Like a gentlemen he pours us both drinks, his being a double. I think to myself, "You won't need courage tonight honey." We sit together cuddling on the couch watching the end to its a wonderful life. "Mmmmm, damn baby where did you get this candy cane from? Now that he is kissing me for real I see that he kisses even better than he bragged about. The TV suddenly clicks off and David tosses the remote somewhere behind us.The search turns deadly when Nathan Drake becomes stranded on the island and hunted by mercenaries.Outnumbered and outgunned, Drake and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secrets hidden on the Island.I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. It's a long way away from my apartment in the city but it's worth it. The scenic backwoods roads, the chirping birds, I even saw a deer the other day. In fact he's the only resident still up when I get to work. Nunez and over this year I've gotten to know him a lot more. One day it was my birthday and I hadn't told anyone but somehow Mr. Truth be told I may have mentioned it in passing once a few months ago. I reached down and hiked up my skirt much to David's delight. I'm going to do more than kiss it baby." he said just before gripping my thong in his teeth.You don't get many of those in the city outside the zoo. I'm somewhat fresh out of high school and my folks couldn't afford college so I took a home health aide training course with job placement assistance. He would get visitors occasionally but most of his family lived really far away. Nunez during snack time but it was off the clock because now my shift started after the residents were supposed to go to bed. In fact I think I've developed a little crush on Mr. David slowly slid my dripping wet thong down my legs. "Mmmm," lifting one leg and opening myself for you Mr. "Mmmm so good," I moan softly, "I want you so bad Mr. David breaks the kiss and lifts my left breast biting the gift bow and pulling it off. " David squeezes my breast harder and sucks on my nipple sending me over the edge.

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