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Naughty free sex site perth

Now I can't even deny it if he decided to spread my fantasy but I was surprised with myself that even after finding myself in this situation, I was getting hard in my pants and part of me was enjoying the fact that a stranger has seen shruti naked even if just a picture.

Ahmad sensed my concern and immediately tried to put me to ease by saying "look mate, I know you were d*unk and I am not going to put you through any trouble.

Now i didn't remember that bit but before I could check my phone, he showed me his phone with a naked pic of shruti that I had clicked on our honeymoon.

I had never shown that pic to anyone and I felt the dumbest person to have shared it with him.

Before I could say anything, Ahmad started saying how he loved every bit I told him last night and since then he couldn't stop thinking about my wife Shruti.

He told me he loved her pics and shamelessly even went on to tell me how he wanked himself to her pic that I was so stupid to send him through whatsapp.

I thought for a bit and with little smile shook his hand.

I ordered a beer as well and we toasted and the first thing I asked him to delete that pic from the phone.

"Look,we can be in it together, let's see if we can make it real?

I can just simply try to seduce your wife and if I succeed, all three are winners and I am not able to, this becomes our little secret for life".

He had a bit of authority in his invitation as if he wasn't asking if I'd like to, but was telling me to be there.

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