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Museums, Broadway theaters, libraries, churches, historic sites, and much more are all in close proximity.

Berkeley has an art gallery in each building, which display rotating exhibitions featuring artists from around the world.

Large and small classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, and the student center are among the rooms available for rent.

The New York ICAC is a task force composed of law enforcement investigators, analysts, and prosecutors from the New York State Police, the New York State Attorney General's Office, and the Department of Criminal Justice Services of New York State, as well as many other county and local law enforcement agencies.

Headquartered within the New York State Police Computer Crime Unit in Albany, we are tasked with the investigation of crimes involving the use of computers and the Internet in the sexual exploitation of children, as well as the education of students, teachers and the general public as to the potential dangers that children face when they access the Internet. That might mean a child in your family, it probably means a child on your street, and almost certainly means a child in your neighborhood.

Our teachers have been in the trenches, working daily at the craft of writing. And they are equally adept at the fine art of teaching.

Meet Our Faculty The tools needed to write are quite simple—pen and paper, or electronic device.

The winner will have his or her work performed and recorded live at Symphony Space in NYC.

Read More The prize: Two free nights in NYC’s Frederick Hotel. (No, we don’t mean risqué, just not a children’s story.) Your story should relate in some way to New York City, the “city that never sleeps.” Read More Here you will learn how to navigate the ins-and-outs of the publishing business and you’ll write (and refine) the most important selling tool for your book—the query letter.But it’s useful to have advice and information within easy reach.We’ve put together all kinds of resources to guide your journey as a writer, including Gotham books.New classes are starting all the time, in NYC and Online.View All Courses View Start Dates Learn about classes Each Gotham class puts you in a community of writers, and we also offer ways to join the writing community beyond our classes.View Our Resources We believe everyone has a story to tell.

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