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In the Prouds case, the company was ordered to do a number of things, one of which was to issue advertisements that would notify people who might consider they had been misled about their possible rights to a remedy under the Trade Practices Act.

Something similar might happen in this case, meaning that those who consider themselves ripped off might get a remedy such as a refund.

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I figure it will only be a matter of months till they start to feel the fall out from this in terms of lost sales and requests for refunds from customers who were ripped off.

When will businesses learn that ripping off a customer for short term gains is bad business?

Considering that this concept was invented by marketing companies about a century ago, I see no problem…

if Mc Donalds started a campaign saying it’s romantic to go out for a Big Mac on Valentine’s Day would you? when I heard about this, it reminded me about another canberra (but national chain) business who was having a “half yearly sale”, “Massive savings! Does this mean that Harvey Norman aren’t really having a sale nearly every weekend? The fat blaster pro workout program won’t really make attractive women swoon as I walk down the street?

We sat & whispered & giggled about it until the girl realized what we were doing.

I'm 40 years old & I've done worse things than this, but THIS is the thing I'm most remorseful for.

There are a LOT of online stores that use this dodgy tactic as their standard MO all the time, I have put in many complaints before about practices like this but rarely do I hear about a business actually being fined for this conduct.

Frankly I would like to see a blitz style crackdown on this, have the ACCC run a 3 month long campaign where they randomly visit stores online and offline and ask business owners to show proof they sold their sale items at the previous prices, for businesses not being dodgy pulling out some past sales receipts to prove they previously sold the item at the former price should be very easy, and for anyone who cannot prove it fine them and name and shame!

I want to get things in my life back together with your help it could be done so easily.

I know you feel guilty for what you have done and no one can change that.

They didn't see me enough to know who I was but they watch as someone drove away with thier car.

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