Nod 32 not updating web blocked

Detection rates were good, too, with the program picking up all our sample threats, although it did raise false alarms over a number of legitimate programs.

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We quickly noticed another issue with ESET's desktop alerts.

As part of our tests we have Internet Explorer regularly check a set of RSS feeds, and as a result, every five minutes ESET displayed a notification when IE accessed a URL it didn't like.

Scanning times were fast, though, especially after the first run.

ESET's Smart Scan tries to ensure that only changed or new files are checked next time round, and that can make a huge difference.

Instead you're mostly choosing technical options from lists and hoping you understand them correctly (check the Help page on the feature here). ESET Sys Inspector is a highlight, an excellent tool which takes a snapshot of your system and highlights interesting items: running processes, network connections, critical files (HOSTS), important Registry entries and more.

It's not for beginners, but if you've used tools like Process Explorer you'll soon feel at home.

Bratislava-based ESET was founded by a group of friends some 25 years ago to market their NOD antivirus product.

These days it has a broad portfolio of products covering all the major platforms, and is used by 100 million customers all around the world.

ESET proved accurate in our quick malware detection tests, but to get a full picture of its effectiveness we also checked ESET's ratings with the major testing labs.

AV Comparatives' monthly real-world protection tests generally place ESET in the lower mid-range of its test set: not great, but not bad, just somewhere in between.

Hi, Does anyone know please what rules should be created in Windows Firewall in order for NOD32 Antivirus to update, considering that all outbound trafic is blocked, and all the rules should be created manually. For me, having to give permission to every program that access the internet (even if I only have to do it once) is bothersome, and if you have to use the Windows Firewall to block something malware sending out of your computer then it means you are already infected, and your antivirus is not doing its job.

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