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and what it represents to them — the NPR personalities, the weekend rituals, the shared values that bring together like-minded people on a first date.A new Facebook app called I Heart NPR asks fans to put themselves on a map with thousands of others.

Prohibition might have been repealed in 1933, but modern-day bootleggers are still sidestepping state liquor laws. We'll hear from Jon Nelson, author of "The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder." Also why does snow melt? Picture yourself at the beach watching the waves rise and break over the sand.

Now Vermont officials want heavier penalties for people trafficking booze from neighboring New Hampshire. You can see the water gather and rise as each waves comes in. You watch the peaks and valleys rolls onto the beach.

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. These waves transfer huge amounts of energy from one place to another traveling through the water and displacing it.

20, and though news of its impact on the island has receded from the front page, a long rebuilding effort continues — and a handful of Vermonters are helping out. We call this a mechanical wave because it needs to travel through a medium, in this case water.

Alina Luk is one such woman who embodies the international nature of the conference.

” On Rainy’s high school ID card, she has a black eye.on Thursday alongside fellow scheduled guests Anthony Anderson and Kesha. Many of the program’s shows dating to the 1970s were digitized and put online this year.The longtime NPR host’s appearance also puts her back alongside Roots bandleader and Philly native Questlove, whom she interviewed on The show reaches about 6 million people weekly over 646 NPR stations throughout the country, according to a release. NPR also agreed to turn its satellite service into a cooperative venture (the Public Radio Satellite System), making it possible for non-NPR shows to get national distribution.“From my perspective, it comes from long, hard experience doing it badly,” he said.“Resources are always tight and so there’s probably a fear of burning too many cycles on something that…doesn’t go right.” But he said the rapid-release schedule encourages unconventional projects like I Heart NPR, and very few ideas are swatted down.“The digital media staff here is about half the size of the one I had at USA Today and probably produces twice the output,” he said.Retrieved November 8, 2017, from Chicago Phelps, Andrew.Its content is also available on-demand via the web, mobile, and podcasts.

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