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For registered nurse Kimberly Hiatt, the horror began last Sept.

14, the moment she realized she’d overdosed a fragile baby with 10 times too much medication.

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She was close to the child’s family, who sought out her care, records show.

She was Facebook friends with Alana Zautner, Kaia’s mom, hospital officials said.

In Hiatt’s 24-year career, all of it at Seattle Children’s, dispensing 1.4 grams of calcium chloride — instead of the correct dose of 140 milligrams — was the only serious medical mistake she’d ever made, public investigation records show.

“She was devastated, just devastated,” said Lyn Hiatt, 49, of Seattle, Kim’s partner and co-parent of their two children, Eli, 18, and Sydney, 16.

It’s meant to describe the twin casualties caused by a serious medical mistake: The first victim is the patient, the person hurt or killed by a preventable error — but the second victim is the person who has to live with the aftermath of making it.

No question, the patients are the top concern in a nation where 1 in 7 Medicare patients experiences serious harm because of medical errors and hospital infections each year, and 180,000 patients die, according to a November 2010 study by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General.

“Within Just Culture, staff are not terminated for simple human error.” Experts in patient safety say terminating an individual worker is rarely the answer to even the worst mistakes, unless they’re the result of repeated, willful flouting of established procedures or intentional harm.

It’s far better to identify and address the problems in the system that contributed to the error, said Mary Z.

The mistake “exacerbated cardiac dysfunction” in the baby and led to her decline, according to a statement by cardiologist Dr. Still, Hiatt was escorted from the hospital after the mistake, immediately put on administrative leave and then fired within weeks.

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