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I ran over my plan again: Run home from the train station, unlock front door quietly, drop bag and shoes and socks at the front door so I can tiptoe up to the bedroom on silent, bare feet.Gently open the bedroom door so as not to wake him too soon, then strip off my jeans, shirt, bra, knickers.

Love can mean different things to men at different points in their life.

My point in all this is that saying “I love you” is a big deal in terms of his commitment to the relationship in the majority of men. To put it in terms of your questions: How do men show their love?

I’m not saying it means I have to marry her, but it means that she has a special place in my heart and I will always do my best to be there for her regardless of how the relationship turns out (within reason).

It means I am promising to be there and to be good to her – and if I break that promise, I will suffer as well.

In this context, when a man expresses his love to a woman verbally, he feels as though he is committing to or promising that he will live up to some set of expectations of what a “man in love” should be.

MORE: 11 Undeniable Signs He’s in Love With You For me, love feels like a lifelong commitment to the woman.One hand rubbing against his stomach and down to his cock.Having gone to bed alone he’d murmur and wake up to find me there behind him, holding him the way he likes to be held and squeezing him gently.When a man stands up for you during a difficult situation, attends functions that are important to you, considers you first when planning, goes with you to see your family or does little jobs/chores for you, these are all ways that a man says he loves you.Last week I was away for a couple of days at the sex industry trade show Erofame – I’ll tell you all about it in an upcoming post.There are all sorts of conventional images of men showing love through giving gifts: roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, cards, etc but these are not necessarily signs of that is an excellent gauge of his love for you: his time.

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