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If you’re hoping to settle down, don’t be afraid to let her know.

No matter what your end-goal is, it’s worth sharing to forge a deeper connection and ensure that you’re both on the same page.

“Don’t hesitate to spell out what you’re up for,” advises Milrad.

If you’re looking for something casual, she might be into that.

The researchers found that 75 percent of singles are put off if you answer your phone on a date.

What’s more, 66 percent didn’t love being interrupted for their date to respond to a text, and 41 percent think just having your phone on the table face up is just plain rude.

But according to this research, successful dates included exchanges in which the man artfully interrupted the woman to say something that showed they had a shared experience.

For example, an ideal exchange would be if the woman said something like, “I saw Radiohead last summer and they were amazing,” and the man stops her to say: “I’m so jealous—Radiohead is one of my favorite bands, too,” before allowing her to continue.The aforementioned Stanford study found that women especially felt a connection with men who interrupted them—but probably not in the way you’re imagining.To be clear: cutting someone off to dominate the conversation isn’t attractive.Kubacky notes that statements like these are an invitation to deeper conversations, which “starts building a more complete and inviting picture of what your life together might look like.” Being able to imagine what your future might look like together? For more superficial ways of impressing your date, check out these 25 Ways to Look Your Best Now.A quality relationship with your family—or even your close friends—is definitely something you want to show off on a first date, says Paul De Pompo, Psy D, a psychologist based in Newport Beach.Remember: generic compliments come off as insincere.

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