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Those sitting at the tables were invited to bring the items home at the end of the night as their memento of the fun evening.

Following a casual dinner of salad and calzones, we played a competitive round of table trivia, based on each table’s TV show; then we divided the room in half for a competitive Sing-Off of TV theme songs.

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There is some tepidity here and there (), but surrounding fill more than makes up for it.

Any time a Monday puzzle takes me more than 3 minutes, that means it's leaning tough for me.

We invited them on a “three-hour tour,” and they were greeted by the women on staff (including myself, front row middle) welcoming them on their cruise!

We set up 15 round tables, each with a different TV show theme.

If they're not fresh and interesting, then your progression comes off as a sad little yawny exercise.

The fill here is a net plus, with the banks of biggish words in the corners providing something in the way of unusualness, and with not a lot of terrible short stuff gunking up the grid.

Singing these songs together is sure to strengthen “Family Ties”; so get everyone out of separate circles — your parents, grandparents, kids, grandkids — because “Family Matters!

” Gather your friends, neighbors and co-workers …..

Note: If you are interested in having a TV Theme party, send me an email (click Contact above) and I’d be happy to share the trivia cards I made up for the table themes above. Thanks to current technology – specifically downloads from i Tunes — it’s so easy to inject a little TV music magic into your party night — including that fun theme from the Beverly Hillbillies. But before you check out the list, “here’s the story”….about how you play the TV Theme Sing-along Game.

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