Chatlines to have phone sex - Outlook 2016 updating address book hangs

In order for some GAL entries to show up properly you may need to turn off Cached Exchange Mode.

outlook 2016 updating address book hangs-16

I learned the trick of holding the Ctrl key while right-clicking on the Outlook icon in the system tray.

That let me Test E-Mail Autoconfiguration and determine that my autodiscovery wasn’t working too well.

(Open explorer and go to %userprofile%\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\) - Delete Out Prnt file.

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Instead, please follow the instructions in this KB to revert to the September public update,

If there are any changes to the fix release date I will post back and update the forum thread.

forum=outlook The issue with the OAB download not working has been investigated by the Outlook Product Team.

They are working on a fix which is expected in the November 11th Public Update.

The two Exchange servers in question are load-balanced by a KEMP cluster, with HTTPS round-robin (SSL termination is done at the Exchange servers, no caching or any of the sort). BITSadmin show the jobs failing with the error code 0x80190191: HTTP 401 The strange part here is that external Outlook Anywhere clients can download the OAB just fine, so this seems to be related to NTLM or Kerberos in some way.. It happens to all users on all kinds of devices, so this is not isolated.

Does anyone have further pointers on what could be wrong, and what I should check?

We're having difficulties with Outlook clients running in cached mode.

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