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Someone said they had hypnotherapy but it did not work.But CBT and NLT may work Saying that this phenomenon/fetish/OCD does not hurt anyone and is Not conne ted with Pedophilia! Those spoken to expressed that they would be the first to report to the athorities if a child was being harmed in any way sexually or other.

Hi there my Name is Kwan Ming I've been wearing diapers since 2010, due to a sudden onset of problems with my bladder relating to my past disabilities.

I was toilet trained but wasn't completely out of diapers until I reached 5 years of age in 1985,0and until 2010 I only had a interest in wanting to wear them as I had a desire to be back in them again but this wasn't anything serious and it all seemed from years of bullying in which I was a constant victim of verbal, mental and physical abuse.

They told me that to make me like the little girls in my class,i had to wear a thick cloth diaper with blousy fitting 'rubberpants' over it and a white tee shirt under my dress.

They found a poofy communion dress and veil in my size and got the lace socks and shoes.

by Johnny (Indiana) For about 6 years now I have been doing something that most people think is abnormal. The thing I am talking about is wanting to and wearing diapers full time and not for medical problems. Some even use the term "DL" or Diaper-Lover for those with this fetish.

I have tried to stop but I have something driving me to keep doing it. For some it has a sexual connection, for others, it is non-sexual.It may be a way to resolve any early life experiences that may be related.Take Care, Ben Update 2017 My Best Recommendation for working on issues around shame, guilt, addiction or unwanted attachment to diapers in adulthood, would be Amate Growth Work - a very deep and transformational process that effectively resolves unfinished parts of childhood development so that you can reach a feeling of emotional strength, personal power maturity, and peace.It may be a feeling of security, safety, relief of guilt or responsibility, a feeling that you don't have to worry about losing control.It's likely that at the stage of child development when you were in diapers and potty training - something traumatic occurred - or you simply weren't ready.The morning of my ceremony,i took my bath,went into my room and was told to sit down on my bed and lay back.

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