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IMO, I don’t think asexual/non-asexual (called “allosexual” or just “allo” in the ace community) relationships can work unless the allo partner is not all that interested in sex to begin with. Or I guess if the ace doesn’t mind having sex, even if they’re not into it.Anyway, this is how we get all the -romantic suffixes on the orientations.The pans and the bis get into angry flame wars on Tumblr for being the same thing as each other but not using each other’s preferred semantics. Bisexual has a pretty pink-purple-blue flag, while pansexual has an ugly pink-yellow-blue flag!

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For that, see below.) Demiromantic: Doesn’t experience romantic attraction unless there’s an emotional bond I guess?

But like…that’s just…what happens when you date someone, I think.

By Mythical Libertarian Woman Lesbian: ladies who want to bang and/or be romantically involved with other ladies Gay: dudes who want to bang and/or be romantically involved with other dudes Bi: anyone who wants to bang and/or be romantically involved with either gender AND HERE’S WHERE THINGS ALREADY START TO GET COMPLICATED There’s a controversy raging in the LGBTABCDEFG community about whether “bi” is a sufficiently woke term anymore, due to the Gender Is A Spectrum crowd (see below).

Technically speaking, “bi” means two, which means that being “bisexual” or “biromantic” (give me a sec, we’re getting there) is automatically cisnormative (you cis shitlords all know what cis means, right? So: – Some people use “bi” to mean “I like everyone and I don’t care about their bits” – Some people take “bi” to LITERALLY mean “two” and they will use this in very interesting ways, such as “I am only attracted to cisgender women and demigirls, WHICH IS A REAL AND VALID GENDER (see below) and those are my two” – Some people really only like dudes and ladies and aren’t interested in made-up genders and they’re cisnormative scum Pan: Many who are of the first “bi” definition of “I like everyone and don’t care about their bits” have decided to abandon the term “bi” and are now using “pansexual” (or “panromantic” – we’re getting there, I swear).

#Not ARobot Some asexual people experience romantic attraction without sexual attraction.

This probably seems really weird but I think it’s actually not if you think about it?

Don’t get an erection every time you see a girl walking down the street?

Congrats, you’re gray-A, you can pick up your Marginalized Identity card at your local GSA office.

Trans*: Someone on Tumblr started using this a while ago because the * made it inclusive of both transgender and transsexual.

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