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One famous quote we found from the period: "Female gun owners are being cast as potential saviors of the pro-gun movement. Our combined influence can work to reshape American society. You can now find holsters of all types in Placerville, CA that are specifically designed by and for women.

What do we want to accomplish and where do we want to start? Every major holster maker now makes products for women, their body types and for their accessory apparel. Several women have won Gold Medals in the Olympics shooting for the U. In Placerville, CA when looking for information on Women shooting events, firearms, and concealed carry accessories your single best resource is US Precision Defense.

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In Placerville, CA as in cities all across the county women are assuring their safety by being proactive in learning Handgun shooting, getting their concealed carry permits and even becoming certified NRA firearms instructors who are now teaching other women shooting skills and can talk to woman as no man can.

it’s clear that women have become a major force in firearms.

It these early years in Placerville, CA and everywhere in the U. there were a lot of misconceptions within the shooting industry about not only Women in general but also about the number of Women interested in the shooting sports. specifically for women until Smith & Wesson produced the Lady Smith in 1989.

There was even talk within the shooting industry about not advertising to women as women would not understand the mechanics of firearms nor the nomenclature. The Lady Smith inspired other manufacturers to produce other firearms which were primarily handguns, but eventually an assortment of long guns that were designed specifically for women.

The history of women and Handguns has its roots dating back to the 1800’s and Annie Oakley, that is a yes she was a real person, and was one of the best trick shot artist of all time!

Jump forward to the mid to late 1980’s when the first publications dedicated to Women handgun shooters first appeared.

Amazing how with education and the truth the times have thankfully changed!

US Precision Defense will help sort out the Truth about Women and Handgun Shooting.

In Placerville, CA and all across the country there are now women shooting clubs staring up, there are several websites dedicated to women only, there are classes taught by women that are NRA certified instructors, and women are now ranked as some of the best shooters in U. We have information and products specific for women.

Women and Handgun Shooting has been on the rise since the mid to late 1980’s.

Furthermore, you want your shotgun to be a pump action, semi-auto, or double-barreled, with a 26-inch or longer barrel depending on the type of competitor you will be shooting in.

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