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I'm able to accept my part in relationship issues, and I can see this as a strength, not a weakness. I maintain my composure during disagreements instead of losing my temper.

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Trying to date immediately after a relationship ends is ill-advised.

While it may be what we are instinctively inclined to do, dating before you are emotionally ready is a recipe for disaster. You're likely to feel awkward, unhappy, anxious and numb — and who wants to date that person?

In time, I realized that ignoring my feelings had just kept the pain alive.

My mantra became "Don't think, feel." To my surprise, and great relief, after several months my spirits began to rise.

The sage counsel I sorely needed came from my best friends — men who loved me, didn't judge me and supported my need to rebuild my heart and spirit.

I shared my feelings about the breakup openly and honestly, and asked how they had managed their own heartbreaks.I felt proud that I could answer her question with something substantive.Most men I knew didn't take time between relationships.I cooked terrific dinners for myself and ate them slowly and appreciatively. On the plus side, I developed skills that have subsequently helped me in relationships with both women and men.I've become a better listener, and I no longer feel I have to fix anyone's problems. They simply moved to the next one, albeit with baggage.

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