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I soon developed an ongoing correspondence with my first prison pen pal, Steven Michael Woods, who was on death row in Texas.

Steven was leading a hunger strike to advocate for more humane—or, at least, marginally tolerable—conditions. (He was arrested at 21.) He worshipped nineties underground rock and had played bass and guitar for “beer party punk bands” in past days.

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Often, though, the “use” of pen-palship is not in the particulars of what is being communicated, but in the act of communicating.

Prison is built on a logic of isolation and disconnection.

Released prisoners usually spend no more than 90 days reporting to a center, Ms. He became a household name in the Shamokin area in August, when he presented a $13 million investment plan to Shamokin City Council.

When his criminal history dating to 1999 from New York state and Lackawanna and Monroe counties became known, his involvement in the financial undertaking, which centered on renovation and construction of local homes and businesses, drew the attention of Pennsylvania securities officials. Binsack has faced numerous charges over the years, including bad checks, harassment, insurance fraud and theft. Y., a location he called "Narnia" in his online posts. Binsack's attorney filed a civil lawsuit on his behalf against six Shamokin officials, including two councilmen and the police chief, and two probation and parole employees, claiming his constitutional rights had been violated, that his ability to develop real estate opportunities was "seriously damaged," that his "good name, reputation, honor and integrity" were injured, and that he has suffered emotional distress.

Sometimes, a piercing phrase will spring up out of the envelope—a truth that will never leave my mind.

At other times, a prisoner will contribute a vital bit of information that proves unavailable anywhere else.Released Monday after a six-month stretch at the State Correctional Institution-Rockview, the failed Clarks Summit homebuilder and convicted con man was quick to reconnect with Facebook friends. She said the location of the center and the amount of time he spends there are confidential under federal law.The centers are designed to help parolees adjust to life outside prison and to offer addiction and mental health treatment. Binsack is best known for Mansions & Estates LLC, the Clarks Summit business that folded amid customer complaints of incomplete work and unpaid bills.She responds promptly in round, clear print: “I am 26 years old and a mother to 3 beautiful children.When you talk about disconnected—I was shut off from my children from April 4, 2010 until just this month, March 2013.My conversations, correspondences, and relationships with prison-torn families have taught me that separation breeds more separation, that the coldness and isolation of prison breed the coldness and isolation of violence.

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