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I can’t go around not buying diamonds and tell everyone I saved my household a few million dollars in expenses last year.

Another example of cost avoidance in a server consolidation project could be the reduction in rack space.

You will see mention of a variety of expenses that will be reduced.

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Half-informed executives now rally behind the cry of "Virtualization!

", but virtualization is only part of the story - The tip of the consolidation iceberg - and it might not actually save you as much as you thin. As more and more companies are looking to trim their operating expenses, many are looking at their data centers as a place where they can find some savings.

Within IT departments, consolidation is one of the major strategies that organizations are pursuing to achieve greater efficiencies in their operations.

Consolidation allows organizations to increase the utilization of IT resources so that idle cycles can be minimized.

Perhaps going virtual will mean you won’t need to expand your data center in the near future.

Plus, with fewer physical servers you have fewer cables (usually), fewer routers, switches, and so on.

-Database Replay enables you to effectively test system changes in test environments by capturing a full production workload and replaying on the test system to help determine the overall impact of the change.

-SPA enables you to assess the impact of system changes on SQL performance by identifying any variation in SQL executions plans and performance statistics resulting from the change Oracle Real Application Testing offers an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-use change assurance solution that enables businesses to fully assess the outcome of a system change in a test environment, take any corrective action if necessary, and then to introduce the change safely to production systems, minimizing the undesirable impact on them.

There are other ways to reduce your costs as part of a broader server consolidation strategy.

This article will look at some of the business concerns driving server consolidation efforts, as well as some of the decision factors you should consider when thinking about what your future environment will look like.

By Consolidated Database Replay - Workload captured on different databases can be replayed concurrently - Works for schema consolidation - Identify and remediate inter-application scalability and concurrency problems - Allows scale up, Subsetting, scheduling of multiple workloads - Available for and above, MOS Note: 1453789.1 Can the system handle peak workloads, can workloads co-exist together?

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