Problems dating divorced men

Everything changes early this year when she tried to avoid talking or going out with me and its getting worse early February.She totally shut me out until I received a SMS from her that she wants a divorce!!

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During the earlier years, he also often indulged in viewing pornography and doing online sex talks with those women over internet.

He even got the guts to tell those women that as long the husband returns home, its ok to sleep with any women outside i.e one night stand is no problem to him.

This may sound nitty gritty, but it just shows how far apart our expectations are. I’ve been divorced from my estranged wife and I’ve been rendered homeless since as HDB repeatedly refuses to give me a queue number for their BTO projects saying that my son and I do not form a “proper” family nucleus.

In the meantime, the courts have awarded 75% of our matrimonial home to my ex-wife even though I’ve produced proof of her adultery as well as custody of our children to the immoral woman.

Those happy thoughts makes it harder for me to let it go.

I realised that I do need help but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that everything is over.

My husband is a guy who is totally not romantic and I have come to terms with that.

We have agreed that we will not celebrate Valentines, Christmas, anniversaries etc, but only each other’s birthday, but it has become so bad that he brought me to hawker centre for dinner and buy me a weighing scale as birthday present this year. Continue reading » Number of View: 975 Dear Sir, I am writing to you as I have no one else to turn to and neither the HDB nor Family Court is willing to hear me out.

Just googled through the internet and successfully found out about this support group.

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