Product code dating

The fifteen-day notice should be released around the first of the year.

The next call with the CARB research division will be in early January.

Product Dating/Date coding Date code information needs to be reported to CARB every year by your company if you do not use CARB’s standard date coding.

Sigma-Aldrich further suggests following industry laboratory practices of using products with no expiration date or retest dates within 5 years of opening.

These products should be routinely inspected to ensure they perform as expected.

March 9, 2016 Download the PDF Sigma-Aldrich is committed to providing materials that meet our customers’ requirements.

This commitment is demonstrated by the establishment of programs to monitor, preserve and protect the quality of our products.

OAL has thirty days to comment then submit the rule for finalization.

If everything goes well, this will all be done by the end of the first quarter.

If Sigma-Aldrich does not retest a lot in question, we recommend that customers evaluate the product to ensure that it still matches their needed specifications.

Recommended Re-test Dates on our labels and/or Certificates of Analysis are valid only if the product is stored under Sigma-Aldrich’s defined conditions, and the container has remained unopened with original tamper evident seal still intact.

Products in the expiration date program will have an Expiration Date printed on the label and the Certificate of Analysis.

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