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The issue, Laber insists, is that people are dating folks whom they like. From his piece: Assortative mating is when someone partners and starts a family with someone of a similar background.

It can be based on innate characteristics, such as race and ethnicity, or socioeconomic backgrounds.

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However, in practice, it doesn’t always work that way. After all, the last time you want to find out that your partner is firmly anti-choice is when you’re trying to find an open pharmacy that can give you Plan B.

It’s easy for Laber to snort with derision about how this is “causing people to see an opposing viewpoint as an all-out assault on their personhood”, but is a good start, it’s a little understandable why someone might not want to scramble their DNA with someone who thinks that every sperm is sacred and is willing to back that belief up with legislation. Assortative mating serves to intensify this polarization.

As with other polemics within the Federalist “But Why Won’t They Date Us” genre, the entire argument is “well, you should fuck us because REASONS”.

There is no exhortation to the Federalist audience to actually do things that might make them more appealing to women, liberal women in particular.

But you have to realize that it’s also going to be a primary reason why women won’t want to date you. But it’s impossible to escape the impression he neither likes nor respects them.

But let’s drill down to the argument of “you didn’t fuck me so Trump won…” One major reason why women don’t want to date Laber or his friends has everything to do with the fact that it’s rather clear that Laber doesn’t actually women. Not when his argument ultimately boils down to the fact that men are evidently willing to vote for Trump because liberal women won’t fuck their pain away.

Not only is this attitude not terribly subtle, it’s dating.

If you’re unwilling to do what it takes to be appealing to women, that’s your call. You’re welcome to demand that women lower their standards to include you, for all the good it will do.

If women were more willing to give it up, they might have moderated their views and voted for… At the end of the day, however, it’s still a case of “give us the pussy or else”.

It’s a threat, one that’s ultimately not that far off from Elliot Roger or his ilk: “we aren’t getting what we want, therefore we’re justified in what we’ll do in revenge.” And that, more than anything else, is an amazing indicator of It’s not terribly surprising that MGTOW’s don’t do well on the dating market or why so many incels find themselves, well, celibate.

However, in getting things half right, author Jarrod Laber manages to be absurdly wrong at the same time.

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