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A Tinder-influenced spin on televised matchmaking, in which the female contestants opt to walk right (yea) or left (nay) after meeting eligible bachelors, is Burnett's play for the enduring audience of ABC's , starting with the men and women who make up the cast: an ethnically diverse array of professionals, none of whom have job titles like "twin" or "chicken enthusiast." "They're not desperate," says Burnett. The show you mentioned has gotten a lot of flak for that.

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People are eliminated because of instant voting on Twitter.

In the case of a dating show, you have to have these nods to swiping left or swiping right.

I wanted to find women who are successful in their own lives.

They're not desperate; their lives don't suck if they don't meet a man on a show.

However, multiple sources have confirmed to us that Humin had limited traction in the crowded contact management space and was struggling to raise further capital.

Not all the Humin team are moving over to get a Tinder desk Tech Crunch understands that the company was down as shopping for an acquisition back in December and in the process has lost a handful of key staff such as Arielle Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s youngest Sister, who has joined Kleiner Perkins.

What can you say about how the Schwarzenegger version will differ from the Trump era of ? At the first press conference, on the eve of shooting, someone asked him, "You're a huge movie star and you were the governor of a state larger than most countries — why do reality TV?

" He said that reality TV has some of the most viewership of anything in the world. In the first episode, there's a great line where he meets all of the celebrities. It also feels so relevant to be in Silicon Beach, by the tech companies, in Los Angeles.

Dating app Tinder is acquiring Humin the San Francisco startup which took a high-wire approach to contact management, trying to merge lots of disparate information into one contact app.

Terms were undisclosed by Tech Crunch understands from multiple sources that this roughly equates to an acqui-hire scenario.

They're texting, they're sending photos and videos, because that's what's going on.

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