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Eric It hasn't been mentioned that Moffat-Virtue didn't build diesel engines. The 3.5 hp started out in about 1940 as the CH, 1947 CM, 1957 CR.Eric Thanks guys, Russel, Bernie and Eric have given me a great start.

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The most noticable improvements were the sideshaft driven governor, vaporizer, oil trap, and timing valve.

This engine produces 11 horsepower when running at its rated speed of 225 r.p.m.

The last contact details I had of him were: F W Jarky Engine Spares Agancy (Wholesale) PO Box CP82 Condell Park Nsw 2200; 4 Willfox St Bankstown NSW ph 02 7094923.

He bought the old moffit factory years back along with many NOS parts, paterns and castings etc.

Technically speaking, there are also some differences—which is, of course, only expected.

For instance, the cylinder head of this model is different (it has a conical shape, which is beneficial since it increase the engine’s compression ration).

But since it was a later production, it has that sleeker look that reflects the trends of the time.

This proves that the Ronaldson Tippett company is really dedicated in producing the finest and the best of the times.

This one was called “lightning” it was used in a cement mixer.

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