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Evan Marc Katz Evan March Katz coaches women who are generally over 35 and he has a lot of great insight if you are looking to find a husband and stop wasting your time on the wrong guy.

Christian Carter Christian Carter has a number of different products that help you get inside the mind of a man and I have found his work to be insightful and worth the purchase. If you are struggling with low self esteem try the Modern Siren program.

She has some great programs to combat these insecurities.

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Say you think you’ve found “the one.” You're attracted, you enjoy each other's company, you’re compatible, and you even like each other’s quirks. And devoting all your time and attention to any one man before you have the relationship you want can actually slow the process down.

Getting serious with someone too quickly can blind you to potential problems in the relationship while closing off other options that might be better for you.

If a man senses that you are utterly devoted to him before he has asked you for a commitment, it makes you actually appear less attractive to him.

Men fall in love by giving to you, and he can’t do this if you haven’t created the space for him to do so.

But men normally take a bit of time to come to a conclusion about where a relationship is headed. The best way to help him do that — and make sure you take the time YOU need to make a sound decision about him — is to keep dating other men.

I call this “Circular Dating.” You keep your rotation of men going while staying grounded and centered.

And, when you do have that relationship you’ve always wanted, continue to date yourself in order to keep the focus on what truly matters and inspire your man to appreciate you forever.

It is a story of failure, defeat, but ultimately, in a cheesy way, redemption.

As well as an accredited and certified relationship coach, having trained with one of the most successful and amazing relationship coaches in the US, Rori Raye, I’m also a trained career and corporate coach with the UK Coaching Academy.

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