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The movie makes of this situation not a sex comedy but more of an upscale sitcom in which both romantic partners happen to be women.Jessica is fluttery and flighty, breathy and skittish; Helen is cool, grounded and amused.

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Pine is easily the best thing about this underwhelming comedy-drama, and that includes an uncharacteristically forgettable Rickman, but his lusty ham and cheese deserve to be accompanied by something of a more enjoyable, and full-bodied, if not necessarily more sophisticated or mature vintage.

Same-sex romance, a controversial topic in movies millions now alive can still remember, is a lifestyle choice in "Kissing Jessica Stein." Yes, a "choice"--although that word is non-PC in gay circles--because one of the two women in the movie is nominally straight, and the other so bisexual, she pops into her art gallery office during an opening for a quickie with her boy toy.

Helen (Heather Juergensen), the gallery manager, is a lesbian in about the same way she would be a vegetarian who has steak once in a while.

Jessica (Jennifer Westfeldt), disillusioned after a series of blind dates with hopeless men, answers Helen's personals ad not because she is a woman but because she quotes the poet Rilke. This places her in contrast with a mother (Tovah Feldshuh) whose idea of an eligible mate for her daughter is any single Jewish male ages 20 to 45 in good enough shape to accept a dinner invitation.

The other is a heart-to-heart talk between Jessica and her mother, during which Feldshuh takes an ordinary scene and makes it extraordinary by the way she delivers the simple, heartfelt dialogue.

What makes the movie a comedy is the way it avoids the more serious emotions involved.Shatner starred in a famous episode of made Pine a movie star, he played a flashy role as real-life winemaker Bo Barrett, a bad boy of the vineyard who looks like his wardrobe could have been purchased as a ready-made “Sexy 1960s Hippie Costume” from a Halloween shop.He’s introduced as a radiant flower child delighting in the California sunshine, but it doesn’t take long for the film to establish that behind his dizzy facade is one shrewd customer, the kind of closet intellectual who quotes Ernest Hemingway, boxes (just like Papa!So Pine had the difficult task of playing a legendary role drilled into the public consciousness by an incredibly distinctive performer but his job was made easier by the widespread, and not entirely incorrect, perception that Kirk became one for the ages despite being played by a terrible actor.If Pine was intimidated by the task of following Shatner in the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, it sure wasn’t reflected in his performance.The ubiquity of online streaming makes it harder than ever before for movie stars and established filmmakers to hide their early mistakes.

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