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How much money do you think the guys would make him put in the Douchebag Jar after seeing this?

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on FOX (Christmas episode tomorrow!

Whilst it may harbour a few dating regrets, understanding that no relationship is a waste of time is essential. Everyone needs a little moral support when venturing into the dating world.

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Arm yourselves with these dos (and one important don't) the next time you're swiping right or left. Meeting an online date for the first time is like opening gifts in front of a crowd of people: You have to at least appear enthused and polite, despite what you're really feeling on the inside.

Watching Jess navigate the world of online dating for the first time (in a Tinder-meets-speed-dating type setting), with Schmidt as her guide, was one of those scary-movie scenarios where you're screaming at the screen (DTF does NOT equal Darn Tootin' Fun!!! Thankfully, Jess's experience left me with several valuable lessons about the online dating world.

When promoting New Girl's premiere this fall, the FOX marketing team put all of their eggs in the Zooey Deschanel basket. And while Deschanel is certainly a wonderful part of New Girl as adorkable Jess, they forgot to mention the show's secret weapon: Max Greenfield as Jess' roommate Schmidt.

From his catchy lines ("You just got Schmidt on your face") to his charming douchebaggery to the way he is incredibly overprotective of his kitchen, Schmidt is hands down the best part of New Girl.

Fox also issues a press release where they revealed his full name is 'Winston Saint-Marie Schmidt.'This big unveiling comes after Jake Johnson, who plays Nick in the hit show, revealed that New Girl may not be returning for a seventh series.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, he revealed: 'Fox won't tell us (whether the show will be renewed)'But we shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be okay,' he revealed about the show which will air its series six finale next week.

And one very important DON' T: Do not go on these first Tinder/Dice dates alone.

Did anyone else have uneasy feelings when Jess was alone in the braided-bearded man's apartment (or do I just watch too much )?

The original Winston, who begins to realise what is happening, warns: 'Schmidt, I think that is a very bad idea.' 'Don't do this.

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