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And sure, these tricks led to the creation of our greatest compositions and inventions, but be warned: Not everything could be considered healthy—or even legal—by today’s standards, so emulate at your own risk.

And for more brain-sharpening habits to adopt, check out the 8 cutting-edge video games that are proven to make you a smarter person.

We often forget that geniuses are humans first and geniuses second.

Sure, these inimitable minds may go down in history for composing “Fur Elise” or discovering gravity, but they’re not the mere sum of their successes.

And today, nobody bats an eye at a mother in her 40’s—even a single mother. Source: Shutterstock Men (or should we say boys) in their 20’s and 30’s were put off by women making the first move.

Their egos told them they had to do the chasing or else a woman wasn’t worth it.

Shutterstock Instead of going on a date with someone you only sort of like to enjoy a nice restaurant, you can afford to treat yourself!

Admit it: in your 20s, you dated some guys for months (or longer) because you enjoyed the nice places they took you to.

They’ve been stuck in a marriage where the sexual repertoire had frozen. It’s something we say we know in our 20’s but we don’t really factor it into our decisions.

If you had, think of all the people you wouldn’t have wasted time on!

shutterstock A 20-year-old girl old might see a 40-year-old woman standing at a bar, sipping a martini and waiting for what’s clearly a blind date and think, “How sad.” But the truth is, the life of that 20-year-old is far more full of tears, drama and turmoil than the life of that 40-year-old.

Dating in your 40s might actually be the most fun you have dating your whole life. shutterstock Don’t believe those who tell you everyone is taken by 40.

You’ve tried them out and realized that even though some types of guys seemed charming or exciting, they just didn’t fit into your life.

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