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‘I don’t want to see the word “swinging” anywhere in the article,’ she announces.‘ “Orgies” is fine.’Seven years ago, Emma founded Killing Kittens, a company dedicated to helping women explore their fantasies. I must say this has been the biggest challenge in my entire life. This gives me time to calm down and think about how I want to say something.

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But there wasn’t any bullying in my year.’‘I went to boarding school for ten years,’ she says. They will walk around gym changing rooms stark naked because we’ve grown up naked – with each other.

After Emma achieved top grades in maths, chemistry and economics, her father, a Cambridge graduate, tried to persuade her to apply to Oxbridge.

Devastated, she turned to her girlfriends for support.

Among them was Alicia Fox-Pitt, already a member of the budding Sisterhood, who persuaded Kate to join the dragon-boat team.

Emma, who was several years above the future Duchess, says she has no recollection of Kate at her school, but leaps to the defence of her alma mater.

‘Downe is pushy and it’s driven and if you’re not an outgoing person you might struggle.

What advice would you have for a couple that is experiencing marital problems due to the fact that one partner’s brain is wired differently? "I need you to take out the trash because I'm cooking dinner." "It upsets me when you ignore me for video games because it makes me feel like you'd rather play games than be married to me. There's a quiz you can both take that will tell you your love language, which was crazy eye-opening for me and my husband.• Anonymous said... Read everything about it, have someone to talk to, have your OWN free time and try to be as rational as you can when you talk to him which you have to do when you know he is in the "listening mode".

One thing that helps me is to write my thoughts and feelings down, then have him read them.

However, sports-obsessed Emma insisted she wanted to study sports science.

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