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Our numerous attempts to resolve this with him have been totally ignored by him. Silly boy. Aditya Rajkumar is all about; Family fun fantasy. Parents are coming over from India to stay with him for some time. He is worried because when he gets drunk he gets horny, and when he gets horny he thinks about having sex with them. Asked if he should tell them, who should he tell first? I bet Mommy and Daddy Rajkumar will love to hear all about this !!! lol If this is Aditya Rajkumar or you know him, please have him contact our office to settle the amount owning to us, to get this post removed. Randi This guy is a “serial stalker”. He has used proxies to enter our chatroom, he has sent numerous emails, yahoo messages via yahoo messenger.

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He is attracted to “Amazon women” which he considers to be curvaceous physically imposing women who are athletically skilled and enjoy BBC.

Andrew likes to be feminized, cuckolded, and controlled by dominant younger women.

Is not overtly sexual on the phone and instead skirts around sexual topics, alluding to what he would really like to talk about.

Andrew loves to share his sexual feelings for his sister who he apparently caught fucking her BBC boyfriend.

Unlike working in a strip club, doing porn, or escorting, your safety is 100% guaranteed. You get paid electronically on a debit card we give you.

You will never meet a viewer in person, get touched, assaulted, or anything of the such. Starting a new job can be scary, especially when considering something you’ve never done before in the adult entertainment business. You can spend this like a normal debit card or withdrawal the cash from an ATM.There is no question as to the guilt of the named individuals, phone records, financial records and in some cases, recordings prove their acceptance and participation for our services !It is time the world knows of the "illegal" actions of these individuals and all their sorted affairs !My ladies deserve to be paid for the service they provide and charging back after you have gotten your rocks off is simply not acceptable. Talks about how affluent he is and his family’s wealth.He is in his late 20’s-early 30’s from the timeline he gave about his life.When Andrew gets close to orgasm, he likes to take breaks, either calling back or while running a call extension put me on hold.

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