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See the screenshot below for some of the sections for specific recommendations that you can add which will provide the meat of the document.

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On one specific project, one of the SEOs on my team was brought in during the wireframe stage. This is expected, especially when you relaunch an entire site of that magnitude. Like many SEOs, we jumped right in and started spewing out SEO audits, rewriting title tags, offering up link suggestions, rewriting URLs and so on. But what we didn’t do, until that fateful launch, was develop a comprehensive strategy.

T­he entire product team held SEO-specific meetings every week to go over specific recommendations, taking them very seriously, and leaning on every word our team said. We were hailing their efforts, promising big wins for the relaunch, and even hyping up the launch and it’s projected SEO results in the company SEO newsletter. Sure, we did keyword research, we recommended partnerships and widgets and architecture advice, but we didn’t step back and take a good look at our target audiences, what sites were meeting their specific needs in search results, and what we specifically could build into the product that would be far more desirable than what everyone else had (not even thought of yet ideally) to make sure our entire site is superior, resulting in the inevitable stealing of search traffic from our competitors.

Remember, it will be different every time you do it.

For each piece of content you are recommending, try to provide: This doesn’t have to be completely formalized right now because we’ll be getting even more insights to layer on top of this from our keyword research and competitive research in later steps.

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हमारे पाठकों को अपने विद्यालय के दिनों में पढ़े इतिहास में अकबर का नाम और काम बखूबी याद होगा.

This is how I learned to base everything I do on strategy. Early in my tenure at Yahoo we tried to get into the site dev process in the early stages in order to work SEO into the Product Recommendations Documents (PRD) before wireframing began.

But as a fairly new horizontal group not reporting into any of the products, this was often difficult. So usually we made friends with the product teams and got in where we could. Three months passed and the product team stopped talking to us. Like many SEOs, I was hired with one vague responsibility: to set up an SEO program and achieve results.

Over the next few posts, and starting with this one, I’m going to share with you a detailed 8-step process for creating your own SEO strategy (what I often refer to as an SRD (SEO Research Document)), beginning with defining target audiences and taking it all the way through some fairly comprehensive competitive research, search traffic projections, content strategies, and specific goals and prioritizations.

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