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Santos hit back in an email to the Daily Star: "The thing is, I'm a scientist, I know coding, mathematics and physics," he said.

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One user said he rarely used Grindr but that he had been contacted by a bot each time he had logged on in recent months.

He told Pink News: “It’s not a natural conversation flow – so it seems supicious but equally it its convincing enough to be real.” One Twitter user questioned why, if trying to convince Grindr users a bot was a real man, would they name him Herbert.

That perceived early lead in a growing market has led to some insider smack talking.

Matt Mc Mullen is CEO of San Marcos-based Real Botix, which plans to launch a line of ultra-realistic "female" sex robots at the end of the year.

However you feel about them, sex robots have arrived and are poised to take a huge chunk of the $30bn sex tech industry.

Now a battle is brewing between two rivals keen on winning early market share.

Still, physical movement is a hallmark of the category, which is why Amazon's Echo doesn't qualify while Jibo, a functionally similar personal assistant device, certainly does. Santos' dolls have sensors at various points throughout the device to allow it to give voice responses to touch, but it doesn't move on its own.

The Real Botix devices do move, albeit only from the neck up.

The price for the head alone, which houses all of the electronics, is over 00.

After a tech conference in Austria recently, Santos complained that lecherous patrons had abused and broken a display device.

Some readers wrote in to point out that the bots often have a very small number listed under height, usually just over two feet.

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