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Use this tool to give you a clue as to the safety of the site.


When determining how safe a website is, it's important to consider the context of the link in question.

If the link was in an email, do you know the sender?

Web of Trust is a website that collects data from millions of its users who submit ratings on sites.

They also rely on phishing and malware databases to come up with their ratings.

If just one result gives a suspicious result, we declare the site as "may not be safe".

And if more than one scan gives a suspicious result, we say "this site is not safe".

Again, a popular site does not mean it is safe to visit but it can be used as a clue in determining the safety of the site.

A host IP address is simply the address of the computer where the website resides.

Google Safe Browsing scans billions of URLs per day searching for malware and phishing sites.

If you use the google chrome, firefox or safari browser, it automatically scans urls before you visit them and warns you if the site is suspicious.

Even if you know the sender, often times hackers can spoof, pretend to be, someone you know.

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