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Twenty-eight-year old Esma has a masters in human resource management, never orders saved as an app on her i Phone, knows all the two-letter words in Scrabble and can tell the difference between a Ford and a Holden.

Armed with a check-list, she's on the hunt for Mr Right, who must be a Muslim.

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Although she gave it her all, their union still failed.

Lesson #3: Never ignore the warning signs that tell you a relationship isn't working.

Case study: Miranda and Steve When Miranda met bartender Steve Brady, she was skeptical as usual.

He was nice (and easy on the eyes) but clearly not relationship material.

[Verse 1:] Beautiful people only livin' downtown And midtown and not around where I stay Is it their brain that really matters Or their character that flatters Or dependant on their beautiful face But if you're beautiful from birth, do you really have the courage Of a woman picked on for her girth?

Ever since she was a kid-- and you know how kids work Up until she was a full-grown adult Now-- I'm not sayin' that it's really smooth sailin' But guys, being nice doesn't hurt And I'm not saying that they're perfect I'm just saying that they're different And the difference is they love to wear skirts [Chorus:] Sex in the city Probably feels really really nice With hands placed on faces and twinkles in their eyes Sex in the city Probably looks really really great with A girl that's like a ten and a guy that's 'bout an eight Sex in the city Sounds like it takes place on stage Both moaning in key while Marvin Gaye sings Sex in the city Candles smell like great jobs and promising careers My candles smell like fear my room mates may hear [Verse 2:] I have really bad bacne It looks like the gosh-dang night sky And I really need to take care of it So I'm not a baby maker looker, but maybe I am To a woman that really loves me for Who I am ..

The unlikely pair started a family and eventually tied the knot. Case study: Carrie and Aidan Hot furniture designer Aidan was everything Carrie she wanted in a man: emotionally available, honest, and ready to commit.

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