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Susan: The Screening Room rooftop bar is good during the week; and it’s not crowded, in case you’re anxious about seeing people you might know. Penny: I’m originally from Sydney, where there are plenty of available men.

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“I moved to Singapore five years ago with my husband, but after ten years of marriage he decided that being married wasn’t what he wanted.

Though we separated last August, I really only hit the scene in March this year.” Susan* broke up with a long-term boyfriend in her 20s and has been single for just over a year.

” #8 The most 'dateable' women are...“..ones who understand that men crave respect.

A lot of men tell me they don’t want to date ‘dragon women’ – but that doesn’t mean they go for submissive girls either. What they don’t want is someone who belittles them and insists on being in control of the relationship all the time.

Most men plan to foot the bill anyway, but they will observe how the woman reacts when the bill arrives – does she reach for her wallet? (Yes, guys can tell when it’s just a perfunctory ‘thanks’.) These things tell him whether she’s a prima donna type or not.” #5 Take it offline“You chat with a guy online for ages… If you’re Whatsapping a guy, drop hints like, ‘Hey, there’s a cool concert in town. ’” #6 Cut out the judgemental attitude“I have operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

One difference I’ve noticed is that Malaysian women tend to be more willing to go on second dates – something we can learn from.“I was in a relationship from my late teens into my mid-twenties.I’ve lived in Europe and the US, but I was always in this same relationship.”* Names changed to withhold identities.She didn’t want to waste her time, but relationships do need time to grow.” Image: Corbis #7 The biggest turn-off for a guy...“..a woman he sees as ‘high maintenance’ or ‘materialistic’.Guys pick up clues from the way you dress (whether you’re head-to-toe in designer togs), how you speak to wait staff, and even little things like if you insist on drinking only mineral water!I’m not saying you can’t meet anyone, but you might have to be more flexible about your criteria for Mr Right.” #10 Oh, and fate?

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