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The next major turning point in the series occurred in 1966 when the actor playing the First Doctor, William Hartnell, left the series.

Rather than introduce a new leading character, replace Hartnell with no explanation or simply cancel the series, the producers, with input from Sydney Newman, chose to establish the Doctor's ability to regenerate into a new person when injured or near death.

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It has become such an iconic shape in British culture that it is currently the intellectual property of the BBC rather than its actual makers, the Metropolitan Police Service.

Since Doctor Who's revival in 2005, its production has been primarily based in Wales by BBC Wales, with its soundtrack regularly performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales since 2006.

On average, the main cast completely changes once every three or four years — a significant factor in the longevity of the programme.

It has had two — some argue three — major production periods.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth was also notable for featuring the series' first cast change. She was replaced the following week by Maureen O'Brien as Vicki, establishing the pattern of the Doctor's companions changing.

The other original actors, William Russell and Jacqueline Hill, left the series a few months later at the conclusion of The Chase, making way for another new companion, Steven Taylor, played by Peter Purves.Doctor Who is both a television show and a global multimedia franchise created and controlled by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).It centres on a time traveller called "the Doctor", who comes from a race of beings known as Time Lords.In order to accommodate cast changes, the narrative allows the Doctor to regenerate into an essentially new person on occasion.The cast is rounded out by one or more "companions", often females.Over the decades, the length of service of different companions has ranged from as little as a few weeks (with some being considered companions after appearing in only a single episode), up to several years.

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