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So, after a little fun back and forth online, we decided to meet for dinner and a couple drinks. I thought it would be rude to ask, so instead I decided to scan the room for the waiter and quickly ordered the first drink of what would prove to be not enough. We were already in Andersonville, taking a health survey in a bar wouldn’t have seemed that out of the ordinary. The look of disgust on my face was not enough for her to stop talking.

This woman I had thought was so smart and funny in earlier email exchanges had nothing really interesting to say in person and I found myself doing all the heavy lifting during the conversation. Seeing me down my fourth beer in about 40 minutes, she said, “You know, once I drank so much I shit my pants. She proceeded to tell me about the one time she shat on herself after drinking too much—and then she told me about the three other times she shat on herself while drinking too much.

During our support meetings, I remembered her talking about doing sex work in the past. Is this woman actually trying to sell me a fingerbang? My sobriety buddies warned me that if I violated the ban on dating before I was ready, I might be pushed into a relapse. She is a writer and researcher currently working toward obtaining her doctorate in social psychology.

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The body of her message, proceeded by three winking emoticons, read that she was good with her hands and she could work out the knots in my back. Maybe if there was some sort of rewards card or loyalty program… Drugs and alcohol provide immediate relief to the hurt of hearing “let’s just be friends” or “BITCH, stop calling me!

When I playfully replied asking her what else she could work out with her hands, she texted back and said “for $50, I’ll go wherever you need me to go.” I froze. ” Getting high helps soothe you while navigating the ups and downs of the disappointing dating game, including the ups and downs of being mistaken for a John (or in my case, a Jane) and listening to someone you thought you were interested in talk about defecating on herself. Reyna is a queer Chicana born and raised in Chicago.

“Soooo, I’m a lesbian—although, you should know my membership to the Mo Club is in danger of lapsing due to inactivity. So, at the age of 30—refusing to believe any other number than 30 is the new 30, because that’s the equivalent of saying ‘lying is the new truth’—I decided to get some professional help for my addiction.

To mark this occasion, and relate it to the Home Alone For The Holidays reading tonight, I wanted to talk about my dating experiences before and after sobriety.” This will be only my second holiday season without drugs and alcohol. But eventually, I grew older and ended up with a very grown-up, very tired and boring, alcohol and cocaine problem.

At that point in my early recovery, my shitty, alcohol-infused dates and such were still top-of-mind. The last official date I went on prior to my start of sobriety was with a woman I met on the internet. She was funny, smart, educated, according to her profile, we shared the same political and religious beliefs. A gold star lesbian is a lesbian who’s never slept with a man. There was nothing cute or flirtatious about her broaching this conversation topic.

And based on her profile picture, featuring a round sweaty face and bloated paw-like appendage holding a Miller Lite bottle, we shared some important hobbies, too: namely, overeating and drinking to excess. I arrived at the restaurant to find her drenched in sweat. I didn’t know why she was covered in sweat: she didn’t say and I didn’t ask. Rather, I felt as if she were administering an LGBT health survey to me. I have never shat myself while drunk…or any other time outside of when I was a baby in diapers” I clarified.

In any case, I remember thinking, going into treatment, about how much better my life would be once I could completely rid myself of my addictions.

I thought: “If only I could stop getting so fucked up all the time, I could be more productive. I could go up a flight of stairs without coughing up a lung.

It goes without saying that he probably led a lifestyle that seems vastly different from the one he’s living with you.

While some people can easily relate to and embrace the fact that everyone has a past, others can find it hard to reconcile the two.

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