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According to my smart phone, we were going to have five or six straight nights in the high teens. Bougainvillea can’t begin to survive in this and we have lots of it. Went to PHX and our weekday highs are going to be low 70s, night lows, high 40’s. That two-minute scare took the edge off my non-Christmas mood, but I’m still in it.I was going to have to build tents over my exposed water lines (house and irrigation system) and put 100 Watt bulbs in drop lights in them. Christmas without young kids and family doesn’t actually suck, but it leans in that direction. However, someone forwarded me a link of a musical genre I didn’t even know existed: worship bands.

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To me, it’s a really enjoyable way of modernizing religion and still getting the message across. Then, for a change of pace in a non-Christmas-holy-crap way, go here. I know that’s a platitude, but I seriously mean it! However, I have it all under control courtesy of a leaking propeller that has to come off, which means my little red playmate can’t leave the ground for a week.

bd Right now it’s 0515 Sunday morning and it’s raining. This gives me about 25 extra hours during the week to take care of business. So, I can screw off this morning and not cause any major scheduling problems. Right now, The Roadster is up on jack stands just inside the garage door. During last month’s work session, I wrestled (literally) a leaf out of the rear spring and now have to replace the electric fuel pump and rewire it.

This requires removing the roll bar braces (done) so I can remove the trunk floor (done) to gain access to the fuel pump wiring (not done).

I know—too many details of interest only to me, but to do all of this I have to work through the open trunk.

When she’d ask me a business question and I’d give an answer and, when it proved to be right, she’d say, “Oh, dad, you’re so smart.” When she’d say that, I’d reply that what she was seeing as intelligence, is actually just “long term trend analysis:” After you’ve seen the same thing 19 times, you have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen the 20th time.

That is how Dennet says our brain works and each of our bazillion neurons has been learning from our experiences since our chimpanzee days.We’re splitting a step son with his fiancé’s family, which is just part of living, so the “family” part of the day is seriously truncated. And, while I’m certain some readers are going to be put off by their rendition of Little Drummer Boy, I’m really loving it! I’m still paddling around in a sea of deadlines and we’re shipping Flight Journal this week.Basically, it’s just Marlene and our furry kids, which we love more than is logical. I can’t find a channel on my shop radio that’s still playing old-time rock and roll or country. If you watch this, go to some of their other videos in the side menu. v=txi R7o EVGd0 Have a merry, happy and healthy Christmas. I opened the garage door intent on stealing a few hours from my responsible-life and investing it in my irresponsible-life by working on The Roadster. This means “frenzy” is the operative scheduling word until we ship on Thursday.There is the Russian collusion cycle that seems to be losing steam as it is replaced by the OMG-look-at-what-the-FBI-is-doing cycle.Every bit of frat-boy-like behavior (Al Franken, one of my least favorite persons) is lumped in with deserve-to-go-to-jail behavior (Matt Lauer, Harvey Wienstein) as it sweeps the nation under the ratings-sensationalist flag.This is Dennet’s theory boiled down to coloring book level. While all of this is probably/maybe true, I also think that there are shades of gray in this concept in terms of the degree to which it applies to individuals.

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