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Continue reading In the 1970s, photographer Hana Hamplová (Czech, born 1951) was commissioned to create the cover for a samizdat (underground press) publication of Bohumil Hrabal’s novella, Too Loud a Solitude.

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Continue reading Join us for our six-ish mile all paces run.

For Tuesday run, we have a winter route at 5.7 mi and a summer route at 6.3 mi.

The summer route explores the trails of Interlaken and the Arboretum. Continue reading General class is open to all students and starts with 45 minutes of stretching and calisthenics, followed by 45 minutes of drill.

In this class the students are drilled on techniques specific to their belt level. Continue reading 11 Tuesdays | 1/2/18 – 3/13/18 | PM – PM Practice simple conversation and learn basic grammar in a low-pressure atmosphere.

Clients have reported relief from a myriad of chronic issues and problems and many have … Continue reading In her first solo museum exhibition, One Gray Hair, Tlingit artist Alison Marks directly challenges the expectation that Native artists must perform exoticized markers of Native identity to be considered legitimate.

Continue reading Join us for our monthly Trivia Night at The Hillside Bar. For just the measly cost of per person you can show off that big brain of yours. Marks, whose practice spans a variety of mediums including painting, … With a combination of body care, breathing, and shakeout run, you can recover from …

Continue reading Location Frye Auditorium Present-moment awareness is essential to experience and appreciate any work for art, but it can be elusive and we often find ourselves distracted or lost in thought. Share: Twitter Facebook Reddit Email Have you had a long week?

Through the training and practice of mindfulness meditation we can …

I was shocked by the number of freshman I had that did not know the meaning of the word "significance." Last year, I had students do this on the first page of their interactive notebooks, but I didn't get a chance to read them until the first time I collected notebooks to grade.

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