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It's apparently the most famous sauna in not just Thailand but the whole of Asia and from what I had read it sounded like the place to go if you were a foreign gay visitor looking for some fun.

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Babylon was different to how I had imagined it would be.

For starters it is a lot smaller than they make it out to be.

Next to it was a dark steam room, part of which was a small maze so dark you couldn't see anything, the other part just light enough to make out the people sitting next to and opposite you.

Upstairs there was another maze of sorts with some private rooms and lots of men just standing around waiting for something to happen.

It was the first cock I have ever felt (apart from my own of course) and it was a great first one to hold, as apart from being fairly long it was also nice and fat, easily filling the grasp of my hand.

As I stroked his cock up and down he began to kiss my shoulder and neck.

The thing that most disappointed me about Babylon was the lack of open action going on.

I had been led to believe that it was easy to just walk around and watch other guys get it on with each other but I hardly saw anything. You would hear the odd murmur from a dark corner of the maze or a private room but that was about it.

Back on the circuit though I was starting to feel a bit desperate and really didn't want to leave without having cum even if I did just have to do it by myself.

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