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Carpenter, who runs an animal sanctuary, first started speaking to her future boyfriend online and says she was immediately drawn to his mature profile, which stated he was looking for 'the one - not a sugar momma.'After meeting, she was quickly swept off her feet - and loved how romantic Eric is.She said: 'He's very intelligent, is very caring and we have conversations that could go on for hours.'He's very romantic and says I love you several times a day, he likes to kiss and a lot of men aren't into making out, he also likes to snuggle, it's amazing.'Plus, we have a great sex life, I think we are real hypersexual, pretty damn freaky for sure.'The reaction from their families was initially tricky.

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After losing her virginity to James and later getting in an argument with the girls, Kimmie blows off game night.

Marika and Helen-Alice are surprisingly joined by Kendall, who has decided to chuck it all and take to boozing and pigging out.

For the past 13 years, three single ladies have set aside every Friday night as "Friday Fun Night".

That is, until one of the women, Kimmie Boubier (played by Wilson), decides it is time to take this party to the next level after befriending a fellow attorney.

Jill Carpenter, 50, from Pittsburg in California, met Eric Langley, 20, on an online dating site last year and the couple have been inseparable ever since.

When out in public, Carpenter says she proudly flaunts their one-year relationship, holding hands and kissing her handsome beau, despite often being mistaken for his mother.Kimmie starts to believe that life is starting to go her way, causing her friends Helen-Alice and Marika to worry that she may leave them behind.Kimmie befriends a rapper, "Miss T" who hates lawyers but takes a shine to Kimmie while the law firm tries to woo her to sign with the firm.Kimmie invites James over for a dinner party, which turns out horrible after the guys across the hall cater the event and Jazmine shows up drunk.Kendall brings Richard to a fancy party, saying it's a "fundraiser", which results in them getting into a fight.Other casting changes from the pilot include Jazmine Boubier (played by Deborah Baker Jr., later recast to Ashley Tisdale), Jason, Jazmine's boyfriend (played by Alan Ritchson, later recast to Darin Brooks), and Felicity Vanderstone, played by Kelen Coleman.

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