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Just because Frances enjoyed Marty's lustful attention, didn't mean she wanted something more from him.

Marty's and Jim's close friendship (they are also teammates on their college baseball team) muddied Marty's sexual ambitions even more.

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Jim had made it clear to Marty that he was to keep his erotic designs on Frances in the realm of fantasy, a demand that Marty had every intention of honoring.

Marty knew well the shopworn proverb about good intentions paving the road to hell.

Due to a series of cyclones over the past few years, the trees that bear these nuts have been damaged, thus there is not enough to keep the pacu fed. The pacu have taken to attacking the locals who dare to swim their waters.

Furthermore, the teeth of the pacu are becoming more pointed and sharp. It has been twenty years since the last entries were collated.

I suppose I should do some kind of update since it has been so long since I last wrote in its pages, but there really is not too much to tell.

I continued my education, receiving first my Bachelors, at Brown; then my Masters, at Harvard; then a Doctorate in physics at MIT. Ma retired about three years ago and sold her business for quite the tidy profit.***** Marty Gayle came away from his talk with Jim Sanborn a torn man—torn between respecting their close, long-time friendship and doing something that would tear that friendship to pieces.Jim had entrusted Marty with the knowledge that he had engaged in an incestuous relationship with Frances Sanborn, Jim's sexy mom.I returned to Brown as an instructor and wrote several papers, all of which were published and received with high acclaim from my peers. A year later, Dad followed suit and sold his insurance company.I was able to meet my heroes, such as Tyson and Kaku. The number of clients he had guaranteed that he would walk away a very comfortable man, if that had not already been the case.I guess I consider Ma and Aunt Linda the only women in my life, and truth be told, I have no desire to be with anyone else, especially seeing as to how Ma is here at least once a week and Aunt Linda about every month.

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