Tangowire senior dating

He quickly responded, saying he had tickets and would I join him at the event .

The day arrived, and I could hardly wait, but I didn't hear from him, so at noon I sent a text asking about the time for getting together.

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I have always offered to share the bill, but this was character-revealing.

My next date was tall and handsome and gave me a bear hug when I walked into the restaurant.

He responded with a cold apology that he had just returned from a trip and thought it was the following Sunday.

This supposed gentleman now has the added distinction of being the only man in my entire dating life who has stood me up.

My not-favorite rejects are the 45-year-olds who are often attractive, but why are they contacting me?

I spent hours on the phone with men who were probably players.

They say you don't know a man till you live with him.

I say, spend an hour and a half on the phone with one. Affairs columns However, the dating site continued to send me profiles, and there was someone I wanted to meet and I signed up again.

That was followed up with another long email and a set of questions for me to answer: Do I like my looks? Then an amusing exchange of emails over our mutual love of movie popcorn led to dinner at a favorite place of mine.

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