Teacher dating a parent

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And the numbers are in line with a 1994 survey, still considered definitive, of adult women working in federal agencies.

That study found that 44 percent of women in the agencies had faced some form of unwanted sexual attention on the job.

And he showed off the pornographic magazines that he had stashed in the box office. The assistant manager, Adam Gustafson, physically harassed Maureen and the other girls.

He'd grab them abruptly, bending their arms into painful positions, then put them in armlocks—restraint holds he was learning at the police academy and practicing, he said.

Yet her mother, Katherine, felt her daughter could handle the new responsibility: "She was very disciplined," Katherine recalls.

A few weeks after Maureen started working at the San Diego-area theater, Dan Wooten, 32, was brought in to become general manager—and everything changed.

Most often, teens work at low-wage restaurant, retail, or service jobs, where they're likely to be supervised by transient managers who are themselves low-skilled, inadequately trained, and poorly paid.

Their bosses too often ignore sexually tinged behavior, dismissing it as harmless flirtation and not recognizing that predators are unlikely to back off.

When she cut her hair, he got extremely upset, and said that women were sexier with long hair and that cutting it was a "sin." Although Maureen found it embarrassing and degrading to have Dan treat her this way, she tried to ignore it, hoping that would make him stop. From time to time, other managers came through the theater, and she and Lindsay would try to tell them what was happening. Maureen became afraid of not being taken seriously.

"I just thought that was how the real world was," she says.

Some children have difficulty staying with the task at hand.

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