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Some products cleverly solve this problem by letting you manually capture all data fields on a page.

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If you're willing to give up a little something, you can use many commercial password managers for free.

If you see a paid password manager with features you like, check out its conditions. For example, some companies let you use all the features of their product for free as long as you give up syncing across multiple devices.

Filling in usernames and passwords automatically isn't so different from filling other sorts of data in Web forms.

Many commercial password managers take advantage of this similarity and thereby streamline the process of filling forms with personal data.

Yes, your master password should be as strong as possible, but you really need two-factor authentication to foil any possible hack attack.

Two-factor authentication could be biometric, requiring a fingerprint, facial recognition, or even voice recognition.Not all free password managers support secure sharing; many of those that do allow you to share the login without making the password visible.A very few let you define an inheritor for your passwords, someone who will receive them in the event of your demise.In all three cases, your secure accounts are in danger.Malefactors can guess simple, weak passwords to break into your accounts. The potential hit, financial and otherwise, that could result from using weak passwords could cost you plenty. There are quire a few password managers that cost nothing, and some of them come close to the best paid password managers.Speaking of smartphones, many of us are just as likely to log into a secure site from a mobile device as from a desktop computer.

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