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Home pregnancy kits can be used on the first day of a missed menstrual period.But the test results are more accurate if you wait a few days longer.

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If you are pregnant, most tests show a color change or a symbol shows in the indicator area of the test strip or on the part of the test device.

If you suspect you're pregnant, chances are you're considering taking a home pregnancy test. They're readily available, easy to use, and can buy you peace of mind -- not to mention quick results!

If the test does not show you are pregnant (negative test), it is still possible that you may actually be pregnant.

You should repeat the test in 1 week if your menstrual period has not started.

Midstream kits have a test strip that you hold in your stream of urine for several seconds.

All kits tell you to wait a specific amount of time before reading the results.

The accuracy of home pregnancy tests is different for every woman because: You can buy home pregnancy test kits at the drugstore or grocery store. The test kits generally have plastic dipsticks or test strips and instructions that explain how to do the test.

Some kits have a urine collection cup and a dipstick that you dip in urine.

But there may be a chance that you read the results wrong.

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