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In addition to the phone calls being illegal, their pitch most likely is a scam. Companies are using autodialers that can send out thousands of phone calls every minute for an incredibly low cost.The fraudulent companies that use this technology don't bother to screen for numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.You might also question your career choice and the value of your contribution at work.

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For questions related to specific claims please contact Provider Support.

If you are interested in having a MDHHS Provider Consultant attend your Association's meeting or conference, please submit your request using the link below.

The American Medical Association estimates that almost 50 percent of physicians experience symptoms of serious job burnout, attributed in part due to the demands and stress of patient care, long hours and increasing administrative burdens associated with practicing medicine. Ed., MFT, the painful realities that social workers face on a daily basis as a result of working with clients spills over into their personal lives.

The occurrence of burnout symptoms is much more common in the specialties of emergency medicine, family physicians and internists. A Journal of American Medical Association article attributes high burnout among nurses to high nurse-to-patient ratios, while Science Daily attributes burnout to the long shifts often required in this occupation. This can result in burnout related to the experience of personal distress and a condition described by the National Institutes of Health as Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) syndrome.

If your number is on the Do Not Call Registry and you receive an unsolicited sales call, it’s probably fraudulent. SIGN UP HERE for the Wisconsin Do Not Call Registry.

Registration on the Wisconsin Do Not Call Registry is permanent.A Provider Consultant is available to discuss your specific Medicaid claims issues.Please see the table below to view and register for all provide assistance.If a company doesn't care about obeying the law, you can be sure they're trying to scam you.Wisconsin law protects cell phone users from unwanted texts.Wisconsin residents no longer have to sign up every two years.

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