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It cannot be detected by computer users and antivirus programs.The program is perfect for parental control and controlling employees.

If you have admin privileges on a personal computer, you may install any software including Keyloggers.

That’s why it’s for you to decide – to install a Keylogger or not.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring will help you to increase the efficiency of your employees thus increasing the effectiveness of your business.

Main features: Keyloggers and Law Keyloggers are completely legal.

It can monitor keyboard (Keylogger) activity, activity on social networks (Facebook, My Space etc.), web-surfing, Skype, IM Messengers (ICQ, MSN etc.), running and active applications, printing activity and external storages (USB, CD, DVD, HDD, memory cards).

The program allows conducting control remotely no matter where you are located by sending logs to your email, FTP or LAN and viewing logs from your account online.

24/07/2017Such monitoring seemed a bit extreme to me.

But when I started noticing some problems in my company with new employees I decided to try. Looking for a new employee now and, for sure, will be using Spyrix.

Search Spyrix helped clear some issues we had (even though it turned out bullying was not one of them).22/07/2017When I learned that my youngest daughter had enrolled in a Student exchange program I was very worried, as any mother would.

But now I always know that she is safe abroad using this program.

21/06/2017I never thought that I would need software like this.

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