Tree ring cross dating software

This second annual ring is considered the false ring.

These missing, locally absent, and false rings can be detected by crossdating several trees from the same plot or region.

Also, ensure that each ring-width series ends in 999.

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To compute a chronology based on tree rings, the width of each ring must be measured.

The type and accuracy of the measuring devices may vary.

When discrepancies are found, another researcher checks the cores to verify proper crossdating techniques.

Problems may arise when missing, locally absent or false rings are present.

The tree-ring pages have a nice form that you can print out.

At least, look at this to see the kinds of information you should be collecting about your site.

A good source of basic information is the tree-ring faq (frequently-asked-questions). Remove the spoon, place the core in a straw and tape the ends with masking tape. You may want to take more than one core to ensure the pith has been reached and for crossdating purposes.

For information about the general field of dendrochronology, please refer to Stokes and Smiley (1968), Fritts (1976), and Cook and Kairiukstis (1990). When you have reached the centre of the tree, insert the spoon carefully. Push it in as far as it will go, then unscrew the borer 1 turn.

You should collect the cores as close to the ground as possible, to get the maximum number of rings.

Since growth of the tree begins at the root system, a core taken above the base may have a much younger estimated age than one taken directly at ground level.

(look at the bottom of the page of this link) Every year, one or two of the borers get destroyed. These are sturdy and simple instruments and can last for years if properly used and maintained.

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