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But the TL date is helpful in validating our other observations.All in all, archaeologists have about a dozen different methods for relative dating and about fourteen methods for absolute dating.Troy Aikman started off his European vacation with a bang -- proposing to his girlfriend on Lake Como on Friday ... ' The Cowboys legend has been dating Capa Mooty -- who's been described in the media as a "Dallas fashion icon." The two flew to Italy on Thursday to begin a euro-trip together -- she clearly didn't know it would be an engagement vacation.

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They soon formed a friendship that only got stronger throughout the year until it blossomed into a full-blown bromance.

Troy even conceded that Abed was the better athlete and referred to him as his "other half".

This "glow" is caused by an accumulation of gamma rays escaping from the material under heating.

The more time that has elapsed since the original firing of the ceramic, the greater the gamma ray accumulation and "glow." However, we must be cautious with our absolute date derived from thermoluminescence (TL). This is not of great use for us because, using shape seriation, we have already pinpointed our pot to Troy VI, a period itself hardly longer than 500 years.

"Advanced Criminal Law": Abed tries unsuccessfully to pull an elaborate prank on Troy.

"Environmental Science": Troy and Abed team up on a lab assignment involving a mouse and sing a duet.

Unfortunately, not only is our pot made of inorganic material, but there was no such material found alongside it in the pithos (it seems that the pithos was abandoned when it became empty, with no thought even to saving the dipper, an ominous scenario).

Carbon-14 (C-14) is a laboratory method which measures the amount of radioactive decay which has occurred in an organic material.

With permission from the museum authorities, we take a small plug of material from the base of the pot and send it to the lab.

The sample is superheated and then the amount of a certain type of luminescence is measured.

Taking Abed's advice, Troy instead accepted Pierce's offer to move into Hawthorne Manor.

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