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Then activate the app, and check to make sure there's a successful Bluetooth connection.The app should show the status of the connection, and it is NOT necessary to have the app "Find My Toy" again.

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My wife also remarked that the tail, although longer than necessary for her, still did a good job of transmitting vibrations to her clit, which worked well in combination with the much stronger vibrations from inside. The person controlling can directly vary the vibration speed via use of their finger on the phone screen, moving a large dot up and down as desired (or as requested :-) ).

Lifting your finger stops the vibrations, a feature which would be nice if it could also be selected to keep the vibration running from the last adjustment made.

She was devastated, but we figured it was just a faulty fluke product and we ordered a second. If you want to take the risk of getting this, I say go for it, but be warned this may be a lemon product overall. Same issue happening on three different mobile phones. When I first saw the Lush on a video online, I was skeptical of the claims made for it.

The second vibrators motor died after about 4 weeks. Amazon support was amazing and they helped with both faulty orders. Far too many of the toys I had seen that claimed they were great for wireless and/or distance use seemed, from online reviews, not to handle either function well at all.

Most non-tech bullet vibrators have weak vibrators, cheap remotes and break after just a few uses.

High tech bluetooth vibrators typically have bluetooth connection issues. Other bluetooth vibrators barely stay connected at 1 foot.Since we hoped to be able to use our Lush for remote play, I grabbed the wife's phone (Nexus 6) to couple the device to it via its Bluetooth Low Energy connection. (I'd recommend using a STRONG password and an innocuous username, though, because privacy and/or potential hacking).Download and installation of the Android app was simple. Following the instructions, the device would seem to be correctly found and connected, but it was impossible to get any response in the vibe from the app.Permission to use remote control can be on a case by case basis, where it has to be authorized each time, or, for trusted friends, on a pre-authorized basis, where those so designated may directly connect anytime the app on the receiving side is active.My wife likes her vibes to be strong and very buzzy, and Lush handled both those things well.After a few tries, however, a restart of the phone seemed to do the trick, and the vibe responded immediately to the app.

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